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About Gbaleah Home care

Hawa and Somo migrated from LIBERIA, West Africa. Nursing has always been an interesting field to both siblings. While growing up they watched their grandmother care for her patients as a town midwife.  They both enrolled in the health care field as certified nursing assistants while attending nursing school. They got their nursing degrees and started working as nurses. Hawa relocated to Minnesota to unite with Somo in 2012. Both worked in the Home industry as nurses.

While working in clients homes and interacting with clients and their families, they got intrigue with the idea and decided to start their own home care with emphasis on patient’s autonomy and safety. They started the process and Gbaleah Home Care was created in May 2020.



Support and sustain autonomy of home health. We believe home is where you want to be. To achieve this, we are committed to providing quality need-based-in-home care. Quality is achieved with high standards of employment, training and professionalism.

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